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Healing Steps, The A, B, C’s of Healing is a process by which you can experience healing. No matter what the problem, there is a way out. If you take the steps found in the A, B, C’s of healing you will discover tools to help you solve the problems that have weighed you down your entire life.


My goal in writing this book is to offer hope that healing can happen. The steps that I will talk about in this book have helped me and countless other people and I know they can help you. I, in no way claim that these steps are magical or miraculous. They are suggested steps that will hopefully lead you to experience healing and peace as you walk them.

Healing Steps, the A, B, C’s of Healing is a way forward. Moving forward is the key to a successful, meaningful life. Feeling stuck, not being able to move forward causes anxiety and pain. This is why I am here to tell you today that I can’t promise that you will be healed, but I can promise you that you will see healing in the pages of this book because this book is my story, a story of healing. I will offer hope, a hope that is everlasting, a hope that is found in God. I will show you some steps, steps that can move you forward from being stuck.

Whatever your problem, you can find healing and victory. You can move forward and start living the life you were intended to live. There is a way out! I know you may not see it now, but don’t give up. Your miracle may be just around the corner.


David Bardowell is the Senior Pastor at The Gate Christian Bible Church in Southern Orange County, Ca. He is also an accomplished musician and recording artist. His desire is to see people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Bardowell is married and has three grown children.


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